GeDiPNet is an open access, unified database on human Gene Disease Pathway Networks. The gene-disease associations are fetched from multiple data sources (DisGeNET, ClinGen, ClinVar, HPO, OrphaNet, and PsyGeNET) and are manually curated to reduce redundancy and at the same time minimise data loss. Sub-types or similar disease names are merged into unique terms for efficient analysis. It has linked information on human genes, SNPs, diseases and pathways. Using GeDiPNet, high level annotated data can be retrieved for human genes such as synonyms, chromosome location, expression profile, gene ontology, protein-related information, SNPs, associated diseases and pathways.

The data and algorithms available in GeDiPNet can be used for high throughput analysis that can lead to novel insights and hypothesis generation on gene-disease associations and identification of polypharmacological targets.

Citation: Kundu I, Sharma M, Barai RS, Pokar K, Idicula-Thomas S, GeDiPNet: Online resource of curated gene-disease associations for polypharmacological targets discovery, Genes & Diseases,

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